AB’s Management Team engaged with WCHG’s Community Development Manager & WCHG’s Employment Coach, interviews were conducted by AB’s Managing Director and took place at Wythenshawe House for a number of candidates in late April 2022. The candidates were vetted by WCHG’s team and general feedback was the level of candidate was really high. The successful candidate was Liam Beech who lives in Wythenshawe.

Liam is currently finishing a course at Trafford College and has requested a start date for his Electrical Apprenticeship after he has completed the course in June / July.

Dave Batterton, AB Managing Director, said “AB are always looking to invest in the Communities in which we work. We opened offices in Wythenshawe at the Enterprise Centre many years ago and we have a strong track record of giving apprenticeships and employment opportunities to local people. We regularly engage with WCHG to identify suitable candidates for vacant positions within our business. ”

Pictured are: Poppi Gallagher WCHG (Employment Coach), Matty Wych (AB Contract Manager) & Liam Beech (New Apprentice).